Our 1st Family Vacation

I went on my first vacation last month! I’m not sure what this whole vacation thing is, but I know it was fun! I got spoiled with pizza dinners, ice cream, boardwalk rides, and the beach! We went to Ocean City, NJ. Mommy told me that she used to go there every summer growing up! Mommy and Daddy kept telling me how good of a boy I was all week so hopefully that means, they will take me back next year too! Aunt Nicole and Hailey joined us on this vacation. My and Hailey’s daycare taker, Miss Linda, was on vacation this week so our mommies needed to figure out alternative child care for the week…that is when my mommy started looking into beach rentals for us!

Monday morning started off with some last-minute car packing for Daddy as Mommy got me ready. Then we were off to drop Star off at Mom Mom and Pop Pop’s house (thanks for taking such good care of my doggie). Mommy fed me breakfast there and we just hung out for a little until I was ready for my first nap and then we hit the road! I slept almost the whole ride there, to mommy’s delight!   When we got there Monday we just got settled in the house, I took a nap, played with Hailey and we went to the playground for a little bit! I have a pretty early bedtime, and I am not easy to stretch past it so we kept this day low-key!

Tuesday we were off to the beach! Mommy and Daddy were excited to see how I would react to the sand and the ocean water! I didn’t seem to mind either one, but I have to say my favorite place was hanging in the baby pool (under the umbrella, playing with my ducky) that Aunt Nicole bought (thanks Aunt Cole!).

That night we also hit the board walk! I had some Manco & Manco pizza and vanilla ice cream (remember I told you I got spoiled!).

The next morning (Wednesday) we went to get some pictures on the beach! We are still waiting to get them back so we will post them later! That night we went to the boardwalk again! I love people watching so this was a great place to do it! I also was a little dancing machine. I heard some loud music as we passed a couple of stores and I just had to bust out my signature move, the bobble head!

We went back to the beach on Thursday! I got some more time in the ocean and hung in the pool again too! We went to Randazo’s for dinner (I had my first taste of lemon…same place my big cousin Nola did!) and had some more pizza!!! After dinner we went back to the boardwalk for some rides this time!! I’m still kind of small so I couldn’t go on too many but the ones that I did go on (carousel and the train) I enjoyed!

I hope you enjoyed all of the pictures! I sure did have a fun time and I’m totally looking forward to this whole vacation thing again!!



One thought on “Our 1st Family Vacation

  1. Hi Grady
    WOW I love that you like the shore as much as your Mommy did !!!
    You look very happy and glad to have Mommy and Daddy with you🤗
    It is some much fun to go family vacations, and you sure look like you want to go back!!!!
    Your doggie Star miss you but was very good for Mom Mom👏
    I was soooo happy to see you when you got home, love you Grady 💙💙😎
    And love your Mommy and Daddy too🤗

    Love Always
    Mom Mom


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