Beach Pictures

Well, we had a pretty low key weekend around here, so we don’t have anything fun or exciting to share from the past two day. As promised though mommy wanted to share some pictures from our beach photo shoot (we just got them back this week!). We hope you love them as much as mommy and daddy do!EDSC_0038EDSC_0096EDSC_0071DSC_0125EDSC_0187EDSC_0229DSC_0238EDSC_0270EDSC_0393EDSC_0497EDSC_0355EDSC_0372EDSC_0557



One thought on “Beach Pictures

  1. Hi Grady,
    WOW these pictures are great I love them all you did a great job posing for them!!!! I’m sure it was HOT!!!!
    Thanks for sharing them 😎
    I love seeing things that are happing with you and your Mommy and Daddy😘😍🤗
    Love you all 💖💙💙

    Love Always
    Mom Mom


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