Summer (Wednes)days…

Mommy LOVES Wednesdays because she gets to spend the day with me instead of going to work (I have to admit it’s one of my favorite days too!) Most Wednesdays we make our way over to Mom Mom and Pop Pop’s to hang out with them, Nola, and Maeve! Sometime we just hang out and play in the house other time we get out and about! Two weeks ago Mom Mom set up her pool that she has for us! We all had so much fun splashing around together!!

This past we were off to the playground! We ate our lunch here too! We loved having a little summer picnic at the park and of course playing on the playground!

Well, I know my big cousins had a lot of fun and so did I so I’m hoping our mommy’s and daddy’s (or Mom Mom) take us back sometime soon!!




2 thoughts on “Summer (Wednes)days…

  1. Hi Grady
    I love our Wednesday’s too!!!
    It’s always nice to see you and spend some time having fun together 🤗😎
    Yes we will have to go to that awesome playground again someday!!!
    You kids here very good had fun!!!
    Love your smile and giggles Grady 💙💙👍🐳 !!! Love you with all my heart ❤️
    Love Always
    Mom Mom


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