A Very Furry Christmas x 2

So we’ve already gotten two trips to Sesame place in this Christmas Season! The first time we met Nana, Aunt Cole, Kayla, Gracie, and Hailey for a quick trip. The weather was nice and warm one Saturday (which also happen to be the opening day of a Very Furry Christmas) so we decided to take a ride over for a bit. While the girls were on a ride, Mommy, Daddy and I took a walk out to watch Santa light all the lights along “Sesame Street” and their big Christmas tree for the first time! I couldn’t see Santa but I heard him count down and then all of the sudden there were lights EVERYWHERE!!! I was in awe and loved looking all around at them!! Mommy was taking in the experience with me so this part went un-pictured. On our way out we got a couple pictures to remember the trip by!

Our second trip was on Saturday November 26 with Mom Mom, Aunt Siobhan, Uncle Greg, Nola, and Maeve! We brought Mom Mom along because it happened to be her birthday! Our first stop upon arriving was to head to the line to wait and see Santa. Our Mommy’s and Daddy’s were hoping for the best with the Santa visit, buuuuut, us kids had other plans. As soon as we got in the room with Santa we all started melting down, so we took whatever picture we could get!

We did a couple more rides, before we made our way over to have some lunch/dinner. After we filled our bellies, Mommy and Nola went on the swings together (it kinda became “their thing” at sesame).

After they rode the swings, Daddy wanted to take me on the teacups. I wasn’t sure what he was getting me into, but for the most part I actually really enjoyed it! I was so excited to go on this ride for the first time with Uncle Greg and Nola too!

After this we made our way over to get some pictures with the big Christmas tree, and then we went on a little train ride! I have to say this was probably my favorite part of the day! I didn’t want to get off but mommy told me our turn was over and other little kids needed to have a turn to have a ride, so I was OK with that!

I think that might wrap up our 2016 Sesame Season. I am really looking forward to going back next year already though!!

❤ Grady


One thought on “A Very Furry Christmas x 2

  1. Hi Grady
    Thank you so much for a great day on my birthday I got to go to Sesame Place with you and your Mommy and Daddy🌲🌲
    I had a good day with you all!!!
    You were having some fun and your Daddy got you a BIG Grover which Mommy and Daddy say is your favorite 💙
    Love the pictures in this post the ones on the train ride are wonderful and you look as if you loved it, I would say that was your favorite part of the day!!!
    Santa Claus 🎅🏻 Wasn’t a hit with you or you cousins !!!!
    Can’t wait to see you enjoy Christmas this year🌲☃️
    Love you so much Grady❤️
    Love Always
    Mom Mom

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