Christmas Wagon Light Show

Last weekend we made plans to go to Shady Brook to see the Christmas light show that they have. After my reaction at Sesame Place with all the lights, Mommy and Daddy knew that making our way here was a MUST this Christmas season.

Funny Store behind this though. I know Mommy and Daddy had the thought to want to take me but someone else beat them to the punch. When I woke up that morning and Mommy brought me downstairs, we noticed that we had a visitor in the house. It was a little Elf. He had written me a note, left me some Christmas PJ’s and told me that there was a ticket for the light show for me at Aunt Siobhan’s house, along with Nola and Maeve’s tickets (their elf, Frost, accidentally picked mine up along with theirs…my elf told me that in his note). In my elf’s note hr told me that I had to pick his name and that he was there to watch that I was a good boy, and that he would report back to Santa each night. I can’t touch him though or he will lose his magic, I’m not really a fan of that rule though. I want to get my hands on everything that I possibly can. (By the way, my elf’s name is Rudy!)

Mom Mom, Pop Pop, Aunt Siobhan, Uncle Greg, Nola, Maeve, Nana, Aunt Cole, Ken and Hailey all joined us as well! We decided to ride through this on the wagon ride instead of our car. We wanted to get a little more out of the experience, but it was pretty chilly and windy. Despite the weather, we made the best of it and had a good time. Again I was in awe of all these lights. I just kept saying “woooo” the whole time. Rumor has it we will have our very own Christmas tree (with lots of lights on it) this weekend! I am really looking forward to that! I can’t wait to see how much I can drive Mommy crazy with it! Well enjoy these pictures, and we will be back with more Christmas fun throughout the month!!

❤ Grady


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