Christmas 2016

When I wake up in the morning, Mommy and I usually hang out in my room and snuggle on my chai for a little while. On Christmas morning Mommy was super quick to change my diaper and head downstairs with me. I wasn’t sure what the rush was but I went with it, and lucky for me I was in for lots of fun downstairs! I had to wait at the top of the steps to make sure Santa came before we made our way down! I was a big boy and came down the steps on my own this year. Last year I sat at the top of the steps and could barely hold my head up, so this year was a lot more interesting!

Once I got down, I spotted all the awesome stuff under the tree so we got right to opening! Some of my favorites of the morning were the ball pit, Mickey, and my blankies!!!

After my nap, Mom Mom and Pop Pop stopped by to see us and so that I could show them all of my new stuff! I loved that I got to see them!

After my second nap, we were off to Nana and Poppy’s house for dinner! I got spoiled by everyone there too! I got an awesome Mickey 4 wheeler quad, that I absolutely loved!

That wraps up our Christmas 2016!

❤ Grady


One thought on “Christmas 2016

  1. Hello Grady
    Wow you looked so happy on Christmas morning seeing all your new toys it is so great to see how happy you were with all the toys Mommy and Daddy asked Santa Claus to bring for you😉😘
    I’m glad I got to spend some time with you on Christmas Day , your so special and always love to see you😘
    Can’t believe you had your second Christmas already wow time goes by so fast!!! Love you little man always ❤
    Love Always
    Mom Mom


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