Happy Birthday Nola

We celebrated Nola’s 5th birthday on her actual birthday this year! She had her party at the Garden State Discovery Museum. I had an absolute blast buzzing around playing with everything! After about an hour or so of playtime, we made our way in to eat some pizza and sing to Nola. Then we went back to playing some more! I hope Mommy and Daddy take me back some time because I had a lot of fun! Happy Birthday Nola! I hope you had a great day! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!! We love you!

Nola gave us little “pets” as our favors. This was me giving mine a hug! Clearly I loved it!!

❤ Grady


One thought on “Happy Birthday Nola

  1. Hey Grady
    It was so much fun at the Discovery Museum and you did have a blast celebrating with your big cousin Nola’s 5th Birthday!!!!
    I am happy you had a great day with Mommy and Daddy and the rest of your family👍
    It was fun watching you I loved it too💙🎉🎁
    Love Always
    Mom Mom


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