Pre- Easter Fun

We had one jam packed Easter weekend! It started Friday with my music class! Nola, Maeve, Mom Mom, and Aunt Siobhan came to join in the fun! I, like usual, was a little reserved in class (until the toys came out), but Nola had an amazing time! Maeve was quick to warm up and join in all the dancing too! IMG_3496

Good Friday is also our Easter egg dying day! It keeps getting more and more interesting each passing year. This year, it didn’t hold any of our attention spans too long, but long enough so that Maeve and I needed a bath afterwards!

On Saturday, we finally got to the Philadelphia Zoo! This has been something Mommy has talked to Aunt Siobhan about doing for what seems like forever. It could not have been a more perfect weather day for a Zoo trip, breezy and overcast. We had a great time and loved seeing all the animals! I loved the monkeys and the giraffes! DSC_0228DSC_1065

Maeve and I were feeding the ducks some of my “O’s” (Cheerios) while Nola and Uncle Greg took a swan boat ride!IMG_4364

Well that wraps up our pre-easter fun! We’ll be back soon with all of our Easter Sunday pictures!

❤ Grady


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