Sesame Place Season 2017

Not this past Sunday but the one before, was Sesame Place’s opening day for season pass members. Seems like everyone in this are is a season pass member since the park was PACKED! It was a super nice day so I guess that attracted the larger crowd too. You’ll notice that I am just in my white “under-onesie” in most of the pictures. Mommy did not dress me appropriately (insert eye roll here), so the white onesie just had to do. We thought it was going to be a little chilly, but it in the sun it was quite warm!

We spent the entire afternoon there. I went on the balloon ride, and Cookie’s ship ride with mommy, and the carousel with daddy. Mommy went on the swings with Nola, we all watched the parade, and had a quick meal there before we left. My lest favorite part of the day? Waiting in the long lines for the rides. My favorite part of the day? The actual rides! I had so much fun on them, I cried when I realized our turn was over and that we were getting off.

It was all in all a very enjoyable day, with no major meltdowns from us little ones (we know our mommy’s were happy about that!)! Enjoy the pictures from opening day, you can bet that we will be back through the rest of the year with more Sesame fun!!!

❤ Grady


Easter 2017

We started our Easter by coming down and checking to see if the Easter Bunny came to visit the Rigle household. Lucky for me, he did!! Of course I was eager to dig in to all the stuff in my basket. It didn’t take me long to find the chocolate! Mommy was impressed that we got away with only eating ONE piece before she was able to divert me to breakfast.

After breakfast and a little play time, I was off to take a nap before we made our way to Mom Mom and Pop Pop’s for brunch and an easter egg hunt!!

As you can tell by the last picture here, I wasn’t much in the mood for pictures. We took what we could get and didn’t push too much.  After the egg hunt and opening my basket from Mom Mom, I took another little nap at her house then we went to dinner with Nana, Poppy, and Aunt Cole (and Mom Mom joined us)! This sadly went unpictured since I wanted to sit on Mommy’s lap the whole time. Since we were in a crowded restaurant Mommy didn’t want to not give me my wish and risk an all out meltdown!

Well, that wraps up our Easter day! We hope everyone had as nice as a day as we did!


Pre- Easter Fun

We had one jam packed Easter weekend! It started Friday with my music class! Nola, Maeve, Mom Mom, and Aunt Siobhan came to join in the fun! I, like usual, was a little reserved in class (until the toys came out), but Nola had an amazing time! Maeve was quick to warm up and join in all the dancing too! IMG_3496

Good Friday is also our Easter egg dying day! It keeps getting more and more interesting each passing year. This year, it didn’t hold any of our attention spans too long, but long enough so that Maeve and I needed a bath afterwards!

On Saturday, we finally got to the Philadelphia Zoo! This has been something Mommy has talked to Aunt Siobhan about doing for what seems like forever. It could not have been a more perfect weather day for a Zoo trip, breezy and overcast. We had a great time and loved seeing all the animals! I loved the monkeys and the giraffes! DSC_0228DSC_1065

Maeve and I were feeding the ducks some of my “O’s” (Cheerios) while Nola and Uncle Greg took a swan boat ride!IMG_4364

Well that wraps up our pre-easter fun! We’ll be back soon with all of our Easter Sunday pictures!

❤ Grady

Grady’s First Phillies Game

A couple weeks ago, we went to the Phillies 2017 home opener! It also happened to be Grady’s first game ever! It was a chilly and windy day, so we didn’t last very long. I clapped when I saw everyone else clapping and I danced to all the music. I can’t wait to go back when it’s a little nicer so we can hang and watch the game a little longer!

Let’s go Phillies!!!! We are looking forward to baseball season in this household!!!

❤ Grady

Catching up….

Well, we have been pretty darn quiet over here. We apologize for that. Life took over and Mommy can barely keep up with me anymore, let alone have some free time to update the blog! After the holidays, we took a couple weeks to just relax, decompress and lay low.

We will catch up with the big events over the past couple months. We will start off with the Super Bowl! We had a party with some of our family, since “our” team was playing in it. The Patriots weren’t doing too good and we were all a bit discouraged so the party fizzled out after half time. They wound up coming back in the fourth quarter and tied it up! It went into OT and they won it!! Needless to say, Daddy was pretty excited (I wasn’t awake to see it but that’s what Mommy told me).

Next up, Valentine’s day! Mommy had the day off so we made our way over to Mom Mom’s to see her, Nola, and Maeve! We hung out for a little bit and had lunch together before Mommy and I made our way home to see our other Valentine, Daddy! Mommy and Daddy took me out to dinner as a special little treat to celebrate! As you can tell I enjoyed my quesadilla!! (also- please note the picture of me, Nola, and Maeve….that is REAL life. We clearly were not being very cooperative for a group shot that day!)

The next big event in this house is Daddy’s birthday (which also happens to be Pop Pop’s birthday too!). Daddy had work, so Mommy and I did some special things for him to come home to. I painted him a sign, helped pick out a cake, and went to pick out some balloons with Mommy! Once he was home we opened gifts, went out to get some dinner, sang to him, and ate some cake! What would a birthday without cake be?!

This past week we were supposed to have a monster snow storm. Mommy was excited because she already had the day off from work and wanted to take me out in the snow. The snow we’ve had earlier this season, I wasn’t really able to go out because I was either sick, or just getting over being sick. Well, we really didn’t get the snow they were calling for. We got a couple inches and then a lot of freezing rain/sleet. Luckily by the afternoon it had stopped raining/sleeting and we went out for a little bit! Daddy stayed home from work too so having him was a bonus on that yucky Tuesday! Since we got all that rain and sleet it wasn’t fluffy snow but we made the best of it! I’m pretty indifferent to this snow stuff right now. It is fun but it is pretty hard to walk in. I also don’t love being bundled up, all that stuff doesn’t make walking around in the snow any easier!

And that leads us to today! St. Patricks Day! We’re not up to much today but wearing our green (special thanks to Aunt Siobhan, Uncle Greg, Nola and Maeve for my shirt!) and spending time together! I hope you all have a nice day celebrating and I hope you enjoyed catching up on what has been going on around the Rigle house!

❤ Grady

Happy Birthday Nola

We celebrated Nola’s 5th birthday on her actual birthday this year! She had her party at the Garden State Discovery Museum. I had an absolute blast buzzing around playing with everything! After about an hour or so of playtime, we made our way in to eat some pizza and sing to Nola. Then we went back to playing some more! I hope Mommy and Daddy take me back some time because I had a lot of fun! Happy Birthday Nola! I hope you had a great day! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!! We love you!

Nola gave us little “pets” as our favors. This was me giving mine a hug! Clearly I loved it!!

❤ Grady

Christmas 2016

When I wake up in the morning, Mommy and I usually hang out in my room and snuggle on my chai for a little while. On Christmas morning Mommy was super quick to change my diaper and head downstairs with me. I wasn’t sure what the rush was but I went with it, and lucky for me I was in for lots of fun downstairs! I had to wait at the top of the steps to make sure Santa came before we made our way down! I was a big boy and came down the steps on my own this year. Last year I sat at the top of the steps and could barely hold my head up, so this year was a lot more interesting!

Once I got down, I spotted all the awesome stuff under the tree so we got right to opening! Some of my favorites of the morning were the ball pit, Mickey, and my blankies!!!

After my nap, Mom Mom and Pop Pop stopped by to see us and so that I could show them all of my new stuff! I loved that I got to see them!

After my second nap, we were off to Nana and Poppy’s house for dinner! I got spoiled by everyone there too! I got an awesome Mickey 4 wheeler quad, that I absolutely loved!

That wraps up our Christmas 2016!

❤ Grady